Prajay Naik is one of the founding members of Dude Seriously. A Surat based proper Surati who got up late in life and decided to do Gujarati comedy so that he could tick it off his own bucket list.Prajay Naik is the founder of Dude Seriously. After seeing huge response from Dude Seriously videos on Facebook & YouTube in entertainment in Surat, Prajay Naik came up with the with introducing different form of surati comedy in Gujarat.As a programing head of Dude Seriously he made big entry in world of comedy in Surat. As comedian he captured all Suratis(Hurti) hearts with perfect mix of natural and modern Surati(Hurti) lifestyle.


Smit Naik is the proverbial jack of all trades, and master of puns. As a comedian artist, he's one of Gujarat’s best specializing in intelligent. Observational English stand-up comedy, he's popular on the Gujju people till now. Smit who mixes two cultures as beautifully as himself in drag. Smit weaves wonderful web laughs wherever he goes he known for his clean comedy infused with observations on life.


Effortlessly likable Merciless humor Maulik Desai His biggest learning from education was that the only-way he could keep his sanity intact was to make fun of anything and everything including himself.He is most comfortable artist in Gujarati and has quickly risen to begin funniest artist on Dude Seriously. He does it all without being star kid. It helps that he has issues that he like to deal with them in videos.


Jugal Patel is favorite character all time and he is able to bring life to every character. Jugal weaves his wonderful laugh  his comedy infused with observation of real life of youth of gujaratis. He become be next big thing in 2017.

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