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Who We Are


On a serious note, we specialize in digital content creation and social media marketing. Our most recent work could be found on the most loved gujju comedy channel.


What We Offer

Video Production

Yes, we do all sorts of commercials too just like any other production house.

Branded Videos

Advertise your product on our YouTube channel with more than 200,000 subscribers and 300,000+ followers on Facebook & Instagram, we offer services such as conceptualization, scripting, filming, distribution, and social media marketing, or even better, everything-in-one package!

Digital Marketing

A successful digital marketing campaign ensures the highest ROI and augments your brand’s visibility over the internet. Digital marketing services revolve around Content, SEO, SEM and PPC. Go digital and turn the tables on your fortune!

Social Media Management

Understanding business objectives and consumer insights to manage the social media presence of diverse brands.


As a digital marketing firm, we specialize in comprehensive digital marketing services in Gujarat to set the right strategic direction for your brand. we'll help you to reach the right audience for your brand.

Our Team

Nice to meet you

Prajay Naik

The one who writes scripts and also pay cheques. He is all about sarcasm, humor, and thanks to that attitude, we're never short of Amazing Stories.

Maulik Desai

Maulik Desai aka Chuchu the most loved character of our team. He is the most efficient actor and the nicest person, is this guy for real?

Smit Naik

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103, International business center,

Gauravpath, Piplod, Surat 395007